New Admin

June 1, 2008

Hello im a new admin and i hope this is a secret site cause i dont want to get deleted of this site like i did on my other one and stelioskas if your reading this i mean the one that we work on that terra just took mr off stelioskas if your still on my other site put me back on and my wp email is


My site is back!!

May 6, 2008

Hi there,my site is back.

Ill be not posting here in these days.

Go to

So if my site get suspend ill be posting here 😀

Slidebar maintaince+contest continue at……..+more

May 6, 2008

Hi there penguins.Ill be busy with my slidebar.When its done u can see it at the slidebar of this site.Im adding my old stuff back.Also plz comment and plz give me more hits.Im gonna puts more thing on this site.So u guys can spend time on it 😀

Also remember my contest?Well ill be continue it at an other site.Well join there it name

Screenhog did an new post today about the truesure hunt game at club penguin blog.


image002.png Treasure Hunt game (by Screenhog!)

That was it.Check out for the slidebar later on.

Until then waddle on-redbluemast


May 5, 2008

Hi penguins,u can compete for an lottery.Well its easy.Pick up 3 numbers from number 1 until 15.For example. U comment here!!! And u say i want number 3-7-12.Than u will see next week if u are an lucky winner.


3 numbers good will get 400.000 coins(if u let me know ur pasw.I will not ban ur peng)

2 numbers good will get 100.000 coins(If u let me know ur pasw)

1 number good will get nothing.

Start today by commenting.

Rockhopper gone!!!

May 5, 2008

Hi there penguins.Rockhopper is going back to his island.Well u can see him at the telescoop.Go to the beacon and click on the telscoop and u can see rockhopper departing.

Also my old site is banned.I hope it can come back!!Well keep visiting this site.Thanks allot stelioskas.

Also visit my picture site. that was it.See ya.

until then waddle on-redbluemast

Hello world!

May 5, 2008

hi… i will care this site…